01 go-to-market

Define the right strategy to uniquely deliver your product to the market.

  • Defining your ideal customer profile and buyer persona
  • Establishing a GTM selling approach (e.g., bottoms-up or top-down)
  • Developing the market segmentation strategy
  • Building out GTM goals and baseline health metrics

02 brand and

Invest in your brand to stand-out from the crowd and delight your customers

  • Building brand narrative, identity and tone of voice
  • Developing PR strategy for product or company announcements
  • Building thought leadership and executive platforms
  • Defining analyst relations and category building strategy

03 team planning
and hiring

Hire and onboard talented marketers to drive forward your goals and programs.

  • Planning your marketing organization
  • Building screening criteria and job descriptions
  • Sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates
  • Onboarding and goal setting of for new hires

04 growth

Target, test and tailor media to attract prospects and increase your market share.

  • Establishing funnel definitions, attribution and metrics
  • Developing a MarTech stack that’s right for your size and stage
  • Advertising strategy and account based marketing (ABM)
  • Building an organic growth strategy (SEO, content and community)

05 developer

Build an engaged and thriving developer community to amplify your brand.

  • Building a developer focused earned media strategy
  • Creating unique, useful community incentive structures
  • Developing strategies for dividing messaging by audience
  • Seamlessly pairing open source and paid offerings

06 messaging and

Build clear, differentiated messaging that will turn prospects into customers.

  • Building a compelling elevator pitch
  • Developing market positioning that distinguishes you from competitors
  • Defining your top level messaging and key benefits
  • Building out differentiated feature level messaging by product


We provide advisory services to technology startups building B2B brands. We have experience working with companies of every size from seed to IPO. While we specialize in startups, we have experience in larger companies too. Our experience working with Fortune 500 technology brands in both B2B and B2C means we can help small companies build the foundations for an enduring brand.

Our focus is to listen to where you are now, learn about your product, your team and your goals. We don’t believe in playbooks, but rather in being an experienced extension of your team. We’re here to help you hit your goals and build an iconic brand.


executive advisory

up to 4 hours a month

This service is perfect for companies that are too small to hire an executive in marketing but need to structure their initial go-to-market motion. It’s also a good fit for a company where the head of marketing has a small team and would like support and advice on strategy or day-to-day decisions.

fractional CMO

up to 16 hours a month

This service is great for a company that needs leadership support in marketing. Whether you’re in between leaders or your leader needs a pair of capable hands for a special initiative think of this as your part-time CMO.

bespoke advisory

hours vary

We also offer services on a project basis including branding workshops and media training.

pro bono

We are committed to giving back to the startup community and to founders and marketing operators in underrepresented groups. As such we dedicate ten hours a month to pro bono advisory.

If you are interested in participating in this program please get in touch and we will send you more information about our program including how to apply.

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Building an iconic brand isn’t easy, and we’re here to help, but we can’t help if you don’t contact us. Don’t be shy.

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