Tech Brand Marketing is a boutique marketing and branding agency in San Francisco. We work with venture backed SaaS technology companies from early stages through public offering. We specialize in building iconic brands in the B2B space.

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Not long ago it used to be that only consumer brands got any attention or were cool, but the growth of enterprise technology over the last ten years has transformed what’s possible for a B2B brand. Great brands like Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Zoom and Square have proved that iconic B2B brands are not only possible, but investment in a brand is an edge in competitive markets. The insight is that the same people that appreciate brand power when they buy consumer goods are the same people buying software. They appreciate brand there too! Why read a whitepaper when you can watch a funny, informative video?


Hollie Wegman is the principal partner and founder of TBM. She has spent her career dedicated to building iconic brands in companies from startup to the Fortune 500. She strives to be thoughtful yet bold and values mechanics in equal measure to big, outrageous ideas. Most of all she values her time working with amazing, talented people building cutting-edge technologies.

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